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Dermapen Certification: Microneedling Certification Course2019-02-28T20:17:16+00:00
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Microneedling Training and Dermapen Certification

Dermapen Certification Course Syllabus

The Dermapen Ceritification Course Syllabus is a four hour microneedling training course. In particular, the course covers everything about microneedling from proper use, the history of microneedling, recent improvements to microneedling, and thought leaders in skin microneedling. In addition, the Dermapen Certification Course also includes other important microneedling education, including:

  • Product usage protocols
  • Treatment guidelines
  • Before and after patient care
  • Treatment and technical demonstration
  • as well as Certification testing

Benefits of Online Microneedling Training:

Coupled with the ease of doing your microneedling training online is the dynamic learning environment of the course. Likewise, you can complete your training on your own time, and at your own pace. Not to mention that your certificate of completion will be available to you immediately after completion. Also, discussions and focus groups are also available!

Get your Dermapen certification conveniently with access from your home, office, or anywhere with an Internet connection. All things considered, we believe that Dermapen’s cost effective and innovative online microneedling course is the best way to learn.