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How long will my skin be red after Microneedling Treatment?

Add Dermapen® microneedling to your medical practice or spa Medical practices and licensed skin care professionals around the world offer their patients the worlds most advanced microneedling treatments with Dermapen® View BenefitsFind certified Dermapen microneedling professionals Dermapen® Microneedling Devices are exclusively sold to Medical and Skin Care Professionals. Use the [...]
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Microneedling Dark Spots

Microneedling dark spots Hyperpigmentation can be caused by hormonal changes, exposure to the sun, aging or medication. Dark spots stand out and make a person feel self-conscious all the time. There are ways in which these dark spots can be made to fade with time and even disappear completely. Micro [...]
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Micro Needling Procedure – Aftercare

Aftercare tips for microneedling treatment Do not expose yourself to the sun After you have undergone your microneedling procedure, stay out of the sun and do not apply any sunscreen, due to the toxins that may be contained in the lotion. Post procedure, the skin channels are completely open, and [...]
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What is Dermapen┬« – The World Leader in Microneedling

What is Dermapen®? Dermapen® microneedling procedures for certain skin issues may help tighten, rejuvenate, and renew glowing skin. Dermapen® dermatological microneedling is very popular  and has been embraced all over the world.  Over 6,000+ practitioners worldwide have added Dermapen® to their practice; specifically, because of its effectiveness and efficiency when it [...]
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Dermapen Skin Needling Helps Skin Repair Itself

Want to keep your skin young as you age, try Dermapen skin needling treatment. Dermapen® skin needling also known as microneedling is increasingly being accepted by people and is one of the most innovative rejuvenation therapies available today for treating various skin problems. It is very natural that as we [...]
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