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Microneedling Under Eyes

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Dark circles and puffy eyes are widespread problems that most people face some time in their lives. In case you too suffer from undereye issues, you might try microneedling under the eyes. What does microneedling under the eyes involve? Microneedling is a process in which percutaneous collagen induction is carried [...]
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Dermapen® Trademark

LEGAL NOTICE TO ALL PRACTITIONERS USING DERMAPEN 3 DEVICES FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: If you have purchased a Dermapen3 micro-needling device from any of the following entities: (i) Dermapenworld; (ii) DermapenUSA; (iii) DermapenofUtah; (iv) Equipmed International Pty., Ltd.; (v) Biosoft Aus Pty., Ltd.; (vi) or Dermapen World, LLC, the United Stated [...]
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Microneedling Dark Spots

Microneedling dark spots Hyperpigmentation can be caused by hormonal changes, exposure to the sun, aging or medication. Dark spots stand out and make a person feel self-conscious all the time. There are ways in which these dark spots can be made to fade with time and even disappear completely. Micro [...]
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Dermapen Procedure

The Dermapen procdeure has lots of advantages for skin professionals and their patients. Dermapen Procedure The Dermapen procedure is microneedling and delivers an unparalleled healing response via fractional delivery of micro-needles into the skin. These micro-injuries to the skin encourage and harness the power of the bodyÔÇÖs innate ability to [...]
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Micropen Microneedling versus Dermapen Microneedling – Lead with Dermapen

Why is Dermapen superior to Micropen microneedling? You will find various brands of microneedling pens out there on the market, but two of the most talked about are the Micropen and the Dermapen. Both Micropen microneedling pens and Dermapen are designed for skin revitalization, specifically reducing wrinkles and fine lines, [...]
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Buy Dermapen┬« Online – The Original Award-Winning Microneedling Device

Buy Dermapen Online Looking to buy Dermapen online? Click the learn more button and fill out the form and let us know who you are. Find certified Dermapen microneedling professionals Dermapen® Microneedling Devices are exclusively sold to Medical and Skin Care Professionals. Use the form to the right to get [...]
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