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Microneedling Atrophic Facial Scars

This is a summary of an objective assessment of microneedling therapy for the treatment of atrophic acne scars. Background Atrophic facial scars are difficult to treat, particularly when they are deep and occur on the face. Microneedling or dermaroller therapy is a new addition to the collection of treatments for [...]
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DermapenĀ® Award-Winning Acne Scar Revision

Acne Scars DermapenĀ Research - Award Winning Acne Scar Revision Acne Scars Dermapen team has found the following clinical publications on the treatment of acne scars micro needling Acne scarring impacts an individualā€™s life both physically and emotionally. A variety of therapies have been tried with varying amounts of success. However, [...]
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