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Last updated on September 17th, 2019

Rodolfo Trejo, M.D. - Dermapen

Dr. Trejo is an enthusiastic Dermapen user, mostly because it does so well with PRP implantation. He also likes it for acne scarring, and stated that it did something good for deeper scars that are resistant to other forms of treatment.
Dr. Trejo stated that Dermapen results are better and last longer, and the treatment is very tolerable, being about 45 minutes long in duration.

As for acne scars, Dr. Trejo has seen an average of 60% improvement in deeper acne scars using Dermapen after traditional acne treatments, such as Accutane.


I am using Dermapen for the stem cells, the PRP. I also use it for acne scars.

For protocol I numb the patient’s skin with triple anesthetic cream, I paint on the stem cells and drive them in with Dermapen. That way we’re sure the holes don’t close and it drives the stem cells deeper into the skin. Treatment time between when the blood is painted on and the end is about 45 minutes for a face.

I did PRP before Dermapen. Dermapen makes it go quicker, is more effective and more tolerable. The increase in speed makes it much much faster and I think the result is much better as well. I used to do serial puncture/injection for PRP. Patients find Dermapen method to be very tolerable (although I do not have any patients who have done both the old and new method), in fact they have zero pain. Zero.

The result may look nicer but I think it definitely persists longer than with the injection method. I do not need to perform repeat treatments for quite a long time, I suspect a good year or two after just one good treatment with PRP and Dermapen. By itself or in conjunction with something like hyaluronic acid you might need to come back in six months or so, or have additional treatment sessions.

The most important part of the protocol to watch out for is the proper collection of the stem cells (PRP). Applying the stem cells and using the Dermapen is the easy part. I use the PRP kit recommended with Dermapen, the Harvest Technologies one.

As for acne scars, I like to use Dermapen on patients who have already had a therapy like Accutane but have deep scars, I get good results with that using Dermapen. We do see maybe 60% improvement on average, which is very good because there aren’t other good, reliable treatment options in these cases.

I have been doing dermatological procedures for the past ten years although I am a family practitioner originally, with extra training in dermatology. My most common patient for Dermapen PRP is mostly women, between 35-60, and I’ve done a few men. I’ve also done Dermapen for hair loss implanting PRP on the scalp to stimulate hair growth. I did a doctor friend of mine who had virtually no hair and he’s had three haircuts now.

I was going to send Dermapen some before and after pictures of a patient but I’m still waiting to get permission from the patient.

I think Dermapen is a unique and wonderful device, very simple design and easy to use. I think it would be nice if they had hollow needles for implanting PRP, like a hypodermic needle or something that would allow us to implant even more stem cells deeper into the skin, then maybe we wouldn’t have to paint it on.


Dr. Rudy Trejo Offers PRP Facial Rejuvenation with Dermapen

LAKE WORTH, FLORIDA—Dr. Rudy Trejo is offering cutting edge facial rejuvenation therapy to patients at his Lake Worth, Fla. family practice. The new treatment is known as PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and applied with the minimally-invasive Dermapen® (Derma Pen, LLC, Salt Lake City, Utah) micro needle device. Within a few weeks after treatment patients can expect a fresher, brighter cast to skin for a more youthful and vibrant appearance.

“Dermapen makes PRP treatment easier, more tolerable and more effective,” said Dr. Trejo, who has been performing dermatological procedures for more than ten years. “Treatment is quite rapid, especially when compared to the original technique involving numerous injections under facial skin. With Dermapen and PRP, we have a winning combination for me as well as my patients, who love the results.”

The technique is simple. First, a small volume of blood is drawn from the patient. Using a special kit (SmartPReP®2 APC+™ from Harvest Technologies Corp., Plymouth, Mass.), qualified staff will treat the blood to concentrate the numerous beneficial compounds within (known as growth factors), which naturally stimulate healing and the growth of newer, younger-looking skin. Once concentrated, the material (PRP) is painted onto the skin; Dermapen creates thousands of microscopic holes in the skin, driving the PRP deep into the skin where it will do the most good. The holes also allow further seepage of PRP into the skin just beneath the surface. The tiny holes heal over rapidly and patients can go back to normal activities in no time. The use of anesthetic cream before Dermapen treatment makes PRP therapy virtually painless. The procedure is minimally invasive so there is little risk of infection. Results typically take several weeks to fully develop.

Dr. Trejo is medical director of his practice, Neighborhood Family Doctor of Palm Beach, located at 180 John F. Kennedy Drive, Suite #250, Lake Worth, FL 33462 and has been providing family and dermatological care for more than a decade. For more information call the office at (561) 969-1777.

This treatment is suggested by Dr.Rudolfo Trejo, M.D. and is not and approved Indication of use by the FDA. Dermapen LLC cannot suggest treatments in the United States other than the Indications for Use regulated by the FDA for 21 CFR 878.4820. We reprint white papers as requested by our practitioners.

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