Dermapen Cost


All Dermapen microneedling practitioners charge differently and this primarily depends on quite a number of issues. Microneedling treatments have been known to cost about $200-$800 dollars. In the event that you have just had a facial done and you just need some light micro needling for your face, you can spend as little as $150 depending on where you got the facial done.


There are a number of procedures that can be done on a person to improve the look of their skin making it look youthful, glowing and generally improve the tone and feel of the skin. Many women have sought out a number of ways to deal with their skin problems and have tried a number of different procedures to get the job done. Even so, micro-needling has stood out from the rest and has become one of the best methods of taking care of quite a number of skin problems. There are quite a number of reasons why you should go for micro needling.

It is not a surgical procedure: basically, micro needling will not involve any surgery. It is a simple process that gets done in just a few minutes and is very effective.

When compared to fractional laser, micro needling is not restrictive: a micro-needling procedure can be done on any kind of skin whether dark skin or light skin. This is not the case with the fractional laser because this is primarily not recommended for skins with darker colors.

Additionally, with the fractional laser, heat is produced and this heat tends to increase the downtime, causes the skin to appear red for a longer period of time, causes more pain, may lead to scarring and cause higher degrees of inflammation.

When compared to rollers, Dermapen needles are usually at a 90-degree angle. This angle for the needles ensures that you experience less pain if any. This also ensures that there is less damage to the skin as compared to when the needles are at an angle less than 90degrees. Also, with Dermapen, it is easy for the get to every part of the face that needs the treatment and this includes the region around the eyes.

When compared to chemical peeling, Dermapen needling is less harsh because there are no chemicals. The face will peel naturally after the procedure. There is no need to introduce harsh and foreign products.


Once you have had the procedure done, do the following

DO NOT EXPOSE YOURSELF TO THE SUN: after you have undergone your micro-needling procedure, avoid the sun as much as you can because the skin channels are open. This does not mean that you should apply sunscreen. After a treatment, the skin channels are usually very open and therefore if there any toxins in the sunscreen, it will be harmful to you.

DO NOT USE ANY ‘ACTIVE’ SKIN PRODUCTS: after the procedure avoids any skin care product that has active ingredients like Alpha Hydroxyl Acids, Retinol or any other product. The skin is still sensitive and these products will not help the situation

USE COLLAGEN STIMULATING PEPTIDES: basically, micro needling serves to stimulate the production of collagen. After the skin has recovered from the procedure, use this product to further help with the stimulation of collagen production

AVOID THE USE OF MAKEUP AFTER TREATMENT: It is important that you give your skin room to breathe and especially for around 24 hours after the procedure and especially when using a brush. Remember, the brush bristles can penetrate the pores and especially if they are very thin. Remember, the skin channels are still open. Also when the brush is dirty, it can contaminate the skin and consequently lead to infections. All this is avoidable. Before you go back to makeup, give your skin the time it needs to recover.

USE A MICRONEEDLING COOLING MASK: After you have undergone micro needling, you may experience some skin inflammation. A cooling mask will generally, reduce the inflammation of the skin, therefore, giving you more comfort.

USE ANTIOXIDANT SERUM: The antioxidant serum usually has properties that help the skin in healing. They will also help in soothing the skin and consequently reduce the irritation. These products are highly recommended.

AVOID ANY VIGOROUS ACTIVITY: When you engage in any activity that is vigorous and you should avoid the gym. If you do not, you will start to sweat and this may cause adverse effects and especially because as you sweat, the sweat on the skin will be contaminated by bacteria which will, in turn, find its way to skin punctures and lead to a reaction.

HYDRATE YOUR SKIN ONCE IN A WHILE: this is most preferably with water or other products that do not irritate or contain toxins. After the procedure the skin will feel tighter and very dry, hydrating it will feel great.