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Microneedling Dermapen common questions and answers – faqs

Micro Needling for Hair Loss

micro needling for hair loss by Dermapen Micro needling for hair loss – Micro needling or collagen induction therapy has been reported to be effective in reversing hair loss. It does this by stimulating blood flow, increasing the availability of cell nutrients, releasing vascular endothelial factor (VEGF), and upregulating fibroblast growth factor (FGF-7). Hair restoration [...]


Micro Needling Training DVD and Course Instructions

Micro Needling Training Online Certification Course DVD We are committed to the highest level of understanding , education and certification of Micro Needling. Our instructors are Needlelogics certified to train Dermapen micro needling to MD's, RN's and Estheticians.  To learn more about the best way to preform or instruction for your clinic and staff , [...]


Collagen Induction Therapy Reviews

collagen induction therapy reviews Collagen Induction Therapy – A term coined by Dr. Mathias Aust based on the combined work of Drs. Orentreich, Fernades, Camirand, and Doucet. Collagen Induction Therapy describes the process by which the skin is punctured by needles causing the induction of new collagen formation. The natural posttraumatic inflammatory cascade is stimulated [...]


Micro Needling How Often ? How Often Should You Do Micro Needling

Micro Needling How Often ? Microneedling produces "fractional" micro injuries to the epidermis and dermis.  The healing, inflammation and collagenesis processes must take place for the benefits of microneedling to become evident.  Collagenesis peaks at 14 days after treatment.  Thus, a period of 14 - 30 days should elapse before a repeated microneedling treatment Micro Needling has [...]

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Can the Dermapen help anti-ageing?

Micro Needling Treatments with the Dermapen can lift, tighten, revitalize and rejuvenate your skin. We recommend a "Dermapen Micro Needling Series" of 4-6 treatments for the best results, usually spaced out at 3-4 week intervals (your esthetician will decide the best interval period for you), for best success. Have a Question about Dermapen Micro Needling [...]