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Welcoming Lions Gate Health Centre as the Newest Dermapen Partner


Dr. Tahmineh Nikookar: Dr. TCM, RAc, CHt is pleased to announce that she has added the Dermapen treatment to her North Vancouver practice. Dr. Nikookar was born in Tehran, Iran and has a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. She became fascinated with Chinese medicine and its philosophy when she witnessed its healing powers.

With an extensive background in Chinese medicine, Dr. Nikookar was trained in the application of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Chinese massage and Qigong. She has operated a clinic on the North Shore for over 19 years.

Dr. Nikookar is one of the first few Canadian practitioners of Chinese medicine to specialize in acupuncture facelift and is the first one who reintroduced it into British Columbia. Dr. Nikookar works with patients to bring their entire bodies and minds into healthy harmony.

Using her knowledge as a chemical engineer, Chinese herbal medicine practitioner and Aromatherapist, Dr. Nikookar developed Floramin, a line of 100% natural herbal anti-wrinkle creams.

Dr. Nikookar’s patients can enjoy a range of treatments from acupuncture, Qi Gong, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Bio Feedback/EPFX, thermal massage, hyperbaric oxygenation, CranioSacral Therapy, aromatherapy to facial rejuvenation acupuncture. She has helped many with treatment for depression, aches and pains, sports and auto injuries, arthritis and fibromyalgia, as well as a wide range of diseases.

By combining the best of western technological power and eastern medicinal practices and traditions, Dr. Nikookar’s patients can benefit from the best of both worlds.

Contact Dr. Nikookar to schedule your Dermapen session or discuss other comprehensive treatments she offers.

Lions Gate Health Centre
156 East 13th Street
North Vancouver, BC
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