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Dermapen cost of treatment can range from $200$700 per session depending on the treatment provided. It is recommended patients receive 4-6 treatments, depending on skin condition and age.

Micro-Needling Review Dermapen Dr. Rudy Trejo

Although not originally a dermatologist (family practitioner moved into dermatological procedures), Dr. Trejo is an enthusiastic Dermapen user, mostly because it does so well with PRP implantation (paints on then drives it in with device). He also likes it for acne scarring, and stated that it did something good for deeper scars that are resistant [...]

Micro Needling for Striae Distensae (stretch marks)

Striae distensae, also known as stretch marks, is a common skin condition whose origin is not completely understood. [Elsaie 2009] The condition can be seen as akin to mild atrophic scarring with associated discoloration and “thinning” of the skin. Patients’ desire for treatment far outweighs the likelihood of associated medical problems so it is an [...]