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Micro Needling Procedure – Aftercare

Micro Needling Procedure WHAT TO DO AFTER MICRO NEEDLING PROCEDURE Once you have had the procedure done, do the following DO NOT EXPOSE YOURSELF TO THE SUN: after you have undergone your micro needling procedure, avoid the sun as much as you can because the skin channels are open. This does not mean [...]

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Micro Needling Side Effects – Facts and Fiction Asian Journal of Medical Science

Micro Needling Side Effects Background The earliest form of microneedling was acupuncture of which micro needling side effects are non existent. This Chinese practice started centuries ago. In the 1990s, a Canadian surgeon by the name of Camirand, used tattoo guns to treat operation scars after plastic surgery. His aim was to perforate scars [...]

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Microneedling Mask – Cooling Mask Improves Recovery

Inderma's microneedling mask cools the skin and will inhibit some inflammation. But not enough to make the needling session less effective. I see this as a way of modulating the "inflammation axis". Dermapen is less inflammatory than intense pulsed light or lasers. Choosing a modality modulates the 'inflammatory axis". Adding a chemical peel will [...]

Dermapen Side Effects – Micro Needling Side Effects

Dermapen Side Effects Dermapen Side Effects and Contraindications History of allergies – Aggressive needling of the abdomen or thigh areas may trigger an allergic reaction, due to the upregulation of histamine production leading to hives (urticaria) that may itch for days. Immunosuppression – Do not needle immunosuppressed patients (whether due to disease condition, [...]