Micro Needling Post Treatment Repair Cream

Last updated on September 17th, 2019

Dermapen Micro Needling Post Treatment Repair Cream

Dermapen’s micro needling post treatment repair serum contains technology which is a unique and patent-pending formulation of specific inorganic ions and organic counter ions that have demonstrated exceptional efficacy in reducing inflammation and preventing the degradation of collagen in the skin. What makes Dermapen’s micro needling post treatment repair serum unique, is the proprietary active that is a blend of safe ingredients that act together, but not individually, to provide a result that can only be approached by expensive and potentially dangerous drugs.

The key advantages for users of Dermapen micro needling post treatment repair cream are:

  • Reduced skin redness and blotchiness
  • Reduced inflammatory tissue swelling
  • Reduced recovery time, allowing the patient to appear in public within hours, versus days
  • Reduced procedure-associated pain
  • Most Importantly: Prevention of degradation of the collagen produced by the procedure

While reducing inflammation is the key in the first three advantages, and a topical analgesic addresses any pain, Dermapen’s active can actually safely control the proteases stimulated by the procedure that degrades collagen. There are some other products that may do the same, but these are all expensive prescription drugs with severe and dangerous side effects. Only Dermapen’s active is safe enough to be used over the counter, so only Dermapen’s active can provide a complete system that protects the collagen produced by the micro-needling treatment.

To put this into a little more detail, the micro-needling procedure works by inducing a wound response in the treated skin without creating significant tissue damage. This stimulates the typical wound response growth factors that result in turn in the production of new collagen. The procedure also stimulates pro-inflammatory messengers in the skin cells that stimulate inflammation and thus stimulates production of collagen-destroying proteases (Matrix Metalloproteases or MMPs). Normally, these MMPs are needed to remove the damaged collagen that results from a significant wound, but with micro-needling there is little, if any, damage. The result is the MMPs start degrading whatever collagen they can find and thus start undoing the benefits for which the procedure was done in the first place.

To put it another way, Dermapen’s active protects the collagen that the micro-needling works so hard to produce.

As an example of the importance of MMPs in skin care, we have pictures that show the effect of controlling MMPs alone can have over the reduction in wrinkles. After four weeks of use with a skin cream designed to control MMPs, there is a significant reduction in wrinkles and increase in skin tone. Further work with our active has improved the results and reduced the time to less than one week.

Figure 1. Before MMP Control                         Figure 2. After MMP Control

Recent research has further found that MMPs increase in our skin as we age. The same study further found that women have higher levels of MMPs than men within all age groups, which provides a strong scientific evidence of the causes behind age-related wrinkles. This is also the motivating force behind the increasing focus on MMPs by major cosmetic companies.

Dermapen has provided a safe and effective patent-pending technology to address this issue. The company has been working with partners on developing products to provide fast and effective cosmetic formulations to control these effects of aging. In addition, results have also found the same to be true regarding scar reduction. While we have been successful in preventing collagen destruction, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, minimizing new and existing scars, we do not have an effective way to produce collagen.

Conversely, micro-needling can stimulate collagen production, but cannot prevent the collagen degradation by MMPs that are stimulated by the same procedure.

The combination would appear to be the best of both worlds and provide a significant opportunity in the world of skincare.

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