Iontophoresis Facial Mask

Last updated on September 17th, 2019


Iontophoresis facial mask and microneedling (fractional dermabrasion)

iontophoresis-facial-maskThe microneedles of the DermaPen open microchannels in the epidermis and dermis. These microchannels are open only for a short period, estimated by Greco (2007) to be on the order of one hour.The opportunity to introduce topical substances into the pores created just after microneedling (fractional dermabrasion) has been used both by clinicians and researchers. In order to make ionic (charged) molecules available to enter the channels opened by dermal needling, often an iontophoresis mask is used. The mask produces an electrical field, either steady state or oscillating, which mobilizes ions of topical substances placed under the mask. These agitated ions are more likely to find their way into the channels.

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The Dermapen Microneedling Pen provides an unparalleled response through the segmented delivery of microneedles, creating micro injuries to the epidermis (outer layer of skin) and dermis (the inner layer of skin). As a result, the micro injuries encourage the body’s innate ability to repair itself.

Every Dermapen tip is outfitted with 12 needles and features our patented technologies, which include SureSpace™ and SafLok™. Accordingly, these safety enhancements can be found in every Dermapen needle tip and pen.

Furthermore, by using SureSpace™ and SafLok™ microneedling pen technologies, practitioners can deliver their patients the safest microneedling treatment possible, while getting the best microneedling results for their patients.