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Skin Peeling After Micro Needling – Is Skin Peeling Normal

skin peeling after micro needling

Skin Peeling After Micro Needling


It is normal for some people to experience skin peeling after micro needling treatments within a few days. For some, it can be a frightening process and especially because a peeling face is the last thing you expect when you are out to get your skin beautified by this treatment. Even so, it is a very normal for a person to peel.

Basically, micro needling creates a number of tiny punctures on your face and the body will automatically respond by initiating repair. This means that a new layer of skin is produced and this basically means the old skin has to be eliminated and this is done by the skin peeling off.

Basically, the peeling will be on the minimal side like that of mild sunburn. Therefore, this should not worry you at all because, in just a small period of time, it will have cleared leaving you with that youthful and glowing look.

After a microneedling procedure, you may have a scabby texture around the place where micro needling was done. This should not by any means worry you because it is perfectly normal too. For the skin peeling as well as the scabby texture and their extent will generally depend on the depth of the micro needling. Basically, the deeper it was the longer it is going to take for recovery. Even so, if this makes you a little concerned you should follow up with the doctor that performed the procedure just to be sure.

As much as you are experiencing skin peeling, there are quite a number of positive effects to this.

Helps solve hyperpigmentation problem: basically, when the skin sheds off, it will give room for the production of normal melanocytes which will ensure you do not suffer from hyperpigmentation caused by abnormal melanocytes.

Helps with age spots: also as the skin peels, it minimizes the age spot appearance on your skin making you look younger.

Generally, with peeling, there will also be better improvements when it comes to wrinkles, scars, face lines and even stretch marks. Remember, for that new beautiful to be highly visible, then the older skin on the surface needs to be shed off first. This just goes to say that instead of being worried, you should rejoice at the process and look forward to the exposing of hat new and fresh layer of skin and consequently improving your look.

Peeling After Micro Needling

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