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Micro Needling Facts

Micro Needling Facts by Dermapen

There are more than one cosmetic procedure that a plastic surgeon or dermatologist can preform to take care of aging skin , which would include wrinkles, acne scars, scars, stretch marks. The most common are Laser treatments (utilize heat ) and surgery ie face lift. Today women and men are looking for treatments that have less downtime, expense and risk, but still have the same benefits as more aggressive skin treatments. These concerns have led the medical practitioners to look for new and alternative skin therapy’s.

Micro Needling can lighten up dark acne scars caused by acne and other skin injuries. Micro Needling also smooths out wrinkles on the face, neck and hands. “No pain no gain” is used by practitioners when administering Laser treatments, micro needling has considerable less pain when using the Dermapen. The vibration of the Dermapen micro needling device makes the skin nerves confused and the pain is very minimal. More coming soon ..

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