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Who is a good candidate for fractional dermabrasion?

fractional dermabrasion

A patient with aging skin is a great candidate for microneedling. Aged skin is thin, lined, and wrinkled. The pigmentation is often uneven. Fractional dermabrasion (dermal needling) induces collagen production by creating microinjuries to the epidermis and dermis. Increased collagen deposition in the skin results in thickened and more elastic skin.

Fractional dermabrasionA patient with acne scars is an excellent candidate for fractional dermabrasion or dermal needling. Acne scars are hypotrophic scars which respond very well to fractional dermabrasion. Two to four weeks after a DermaPen treatment, the depressed scars are elevated and the surface contours of the skin are normalized.

A patient with burn scars is another excellent candidate for fractional dermabrasion. Many burn scars are hypertrophic and microneedling is the only safe modality for revision of these types of scars.

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