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Dermapen | What is the Derma Roller?

What is dermal rolling?

Dermal rollers are perhaps the simplest micro needling devices and are the first to be advanced for medical micro-needle therapy as it is known today. Basically, a rolling drum fastened with micro needles and is fastened to a handle; the drum can be easily rolled across the skin to create a pattern of micro wounds and stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin. Dermal rolling has the virtue of being the simplest and least expensive method available.

Dermal rollers are, however, not the best method of performing micro needling treatments. For one thing, the rolling needle action creates wounds that are more of a tear on the surface, not a direct
vertical penetration (which is less traumatic but still causes the desired effect). The depth of needle penetration is also difficult to keep consistent because it depends on the downward pressure, however subtle, each user places when performing treatment. Even the most skilled user will vary depth from patient to patient. Also, one must sterilize the roller each time it is used, which is a cagey prospect in an environment where germs abound (a hospital or medical office) and in a cultural climate especially cognizant of disease-bearing pathogens. The new Dermapen, however, has a number of advantages. The disposable needle heads are cheaper than a Dermaroller. Patients felt that the Dermapen was much less painful and had shorter downtime than the Dermaroller. Dermatologists felt it was easier to use and enabled sites such as the upper lip and nose to be treated with ease. The Dermapen also showed significantly superior reduction in scar depth after a single treatment.

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