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Dermapen Microneedling Before and After Pictures

Micro Needling Before And After – Before and After Contest Winner

Microneedling, Before And After Dr. Groves’ photos show a surgical scar on her patient’s shoulder that developed after having a mole removed years prior. The results were achieved after only one Dermapen treatment. Leslie Arnett, Dr. Groves’ patient, reported that her scar was visibly diminished within the first week after treatment. She is delighted with [...]

Does Micro Needling Work? Center for Anti-Aging With Dr. Karla Groves

Does Micro Needling Work? Does Microneedling Work? Using Dermapen assists in breaking up fibrous and uneven scar tissue, keeping the integrity of the epidermis intact. while stimulating new tissue growth. The tissue created is new collagen and elastin, which helps patients attain rejuvenated, healthy skin. Here’s what The Center for Anti-Aging in Lexington, [...]

Micro Needling Stretch Marks Dermapen Treatment

Micro Needling Stretch Marks Microneedling stretch marks with Dermapen have shown amazing results. Stretch marks may result from pregnancy or other changes in the girth of limbs. The pictures below depict microneedling applied to half of a large area of stretch marks, with the other half untreated. The results vary from patient [...]