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Beginnings Aesthetic & Laser Cosmetic Practice Welcomes Dermapen


Dr. Theocharides, known fondly as Dr. T, is an internationally trained cosmetic doctor. His passion is not just in helping people look their best, but feel their best. Our cosmetic procedures will help you look and feel younger and bring out the beauty from within.

Q & A with Dr. Theocharides:

What sets your practice apart?

  • a. All services are performed by Dr T
  • b. We look at the WHOLE person (as they are open to share)
  • c. Seek to under promise and over deliver
  • d. As an ob/gyn for the past 28 years, I have a keen sensitivity to women and their needs
  • e. Genuine caring and concern for every one of our patients seen as a gift from God. Even without asking personal questions, patients often quite readily pour out personal concerns, hurts, issues because they get a genuine sense that I care, (and I really do care), to the point that, if they are sharing a painful experience, I empathize to the point of having to hold back tears as I can genuinely feel their pain – it’s not my own special ability, it’s a God given gift…

What is your philosophy?

  • a. We look at the total person, beauty on the outside is part of a reflection of inner beauty
  • b. Respecting patient’s privacy of course, I am not uncomfortable to address emotional and/or
  • spiritual issues and it is not uncommon for me to pray with those patients with whom prayer is
  • supportive and helpful

What is a consultation with you like?

  • a. Comfortable, relaxed, no pressure
  • b. I like to get to know my patient/client, their life, their hopes, dreams, and stressors as all that
  • c. I LISTEN to their concerns first, resisting to determine what they need even if it is sooooo easy
  • d. THEN educate the patient as to what is happening that results in their concerns
  • e. Discuss options and propose a treatment plan based on feedback and budget
  • f. Occasionally, I determine that I am not the best person to meet the patient’s needs and will not

What is your approach to aesthetics?

  • a. I am passionate about beauty with the fact that, with recent technologies and knowledge, there affects wellness to say something J hesitate to tell them is much we can do to rejuvenate skin and take the clock back a decade or more, without surgery and with minimal or zero downtime
  • b. Enhancing beauty

How do you ensure safety for your patients?

  • a. Thorough history and pertinent physical
  • b. Avoiding blood thinners when possible


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