Last updated on September 14th, 2022

Reviews and Sample Results

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Kylene M. - Master Aesthetician and Spa Director

Employee at Elase Medical Spa - Salt Lake City, Utah

“I have a specific client, Mallory, that came into our clinic with noticeably deep acne scarring on her checks. We tried 3 deep skin resurfacing treatments with the Erbium YAG laser, one deep skin resurfacing with the CO2 laser and multiple treatments of aggressive peels. Those are just the treatments our clinic has performed on her. She has had multiple treatments at other clinics, I am just unaware of details of those treatments. After all of that, she still had noticeable deep scarring. I knew if anyone was going to see any results with the Dermapen, I wanted it to be Mallory.
I was happy she was willing to come in and let me try the treatment on her. After just one treatment she was calling me asking when she could be treated again. After all of the treatments she has done in the past, all it took was one treatment for her to see a difference. It was amazing to me. After 4 treatments, I will say I can still see mild acne scars, but I am confident that with a few more treatments Mallory will continue to be even more satisfied, as will I.
It has been amazing to do a treatment and send a client away not worried about what they are going to look like the next day or when they will call you asking questions if what they are going through is normal or not. Mallory has been so pleased to do the treatment and go back to regular life, no down time, no time off work, no looking scary (all the things we hate to worry about!) I am excited to start offering the Dermapen to the clients of our clinic and continue to improve the way people feel about the way they look! Thanks, Dermapen!”
Mark B. Taylor, MD

Owner of Gateway Aesthetic Institute & Laser Center

“I believe the Dermapen to be an excellent addition to any dermatological or aesthetic medical practice. Microneedling is an established treatment modality with known benefits. The unique Dermapen automatic micro-needling device adds new versatility with adjustable needling depth, treatment intensity, increased efficiency and the option to focus treatments on troubled areas. The device may also enhance the delivery of medical and cosmeceutical products to a more effective level in the skin. I see the Dermapen as a primary or adjunctive treatment for skin rejuvenation, scars, skin texture, fine wrinkles, and abnormal pigmentation. I also believe the Dermapen will potentially improve the outcome of many of my laser procedures. I have personally experienced the benefits of the Dermapen.”
Acne scarring before and after
Amelia M. - Master Aesthetician / Admin

Employee at Utah Eye and Facial Plastic Surgery

“I had this treatment done last week and it was great!! Very minimal pain and discomfort. My skin felt incredible after, it looked and felt tighter and the tone was noticeably more even all over. I love how, depending on your skin concerns, you can put specific serums on and the Dermapen penetrates the product into different layers of the epidermis and dermis getting the ultimate efficacy of the product. Loved it!! Can’t wait for my next treatment!”

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