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Buy Dermapen® Online; Dermapen is the World’s first microneedling pen and the brand choice of medical professionals and patients. Microneedling Pen | Replacement microneedling tips | Topicals, Serums and microneedling training and certification. Shop Dermapen® Products Dermapen® Tips with SURSPACE™ Technology

Dermapen® Tips with SURSPACE™ Technology

The newly redesigned Dermapen® disposable tips will be the first micro-needling tip to come equipped with SURSPACE™ Technology. SURSPACE™ Technology is the algorithmically calculated, equidistant spacing and positioning of the individual micro-needles from one another.

SURSPACE™ is a trademark of FD Holdings. FD Holdins is the sole distributor of SURSPACE™ in the United States. Dermapen® is a registered trademark of FD Holdings

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