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Microneedling stretch marks showing Dermapen patient results with microneedling stretch marks.

Micro Needling for Striae Distensae (stretch marks)

Striae distensae, also known as stretch marks, is a common skin condition whose origin is not completely understood. [Elsaie 2009] The condition can be seen as akin to mild atrophic scarring with associated discoloration and “thinning” of the skin. Patients’ desire for treatment far outweighs the likelihood of associated medical problems so it is an [...]

Micro Needling Stretch Marks Dermapen Treatment

Micro Needling Stretch Marks Micro needling stretch marks with Dermapen have shown amazing results. Stretch marks result from shear forces on tightened skin. Stretch marks may result from pregnancy or other changes in the girth of limbs or the abdomen. Stretch marks are a form of a scar, which re-approximates the stretched [...]