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The Dermapen®

The World's first micro-needling choice
of medical professionals and patients
Treat wrinkles, acne scars, burns and more with the Dermapen micro-needling device.
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Scalloped edge designed
to eliminate suction

2 opposing vent holes
restrict backflow

"I have been utilizing the Dermapen in my practice over the last two years.
Recently I was able to try the new tip with the scalloped edge.
Wow! Words cannot express how happy I was with the new tip.
The scalloped tip glides easily over the skin with no dragging or catching.
I also was able to use less HA serum as the product does not get pushed
around the skin. This tip by far exceeds my expectations!
With this new improved tip the treatment is much more enjoyable for the patient!
Great work Dermapen!" - Trina Nesselrotte,LE,CMLT

The Most Advanced,
Effective and Safest
Micro-Needling Tip

SURSPACE™ Technology
for precise alignment

Introducing the newly designed, patent
pending disposable replacement tip,
compatible with Dermapen®.

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