Microneedling Hands

Last updated on September 18th, 2019

Microneedling hands

Micro needling is a skin treatment process which is not meant only for the facial skin. It can be applied on all parts of the body to reverse the aging process. The skin on the hands is prone to wrinkles as the age of a person increases. The skin becomes loose and starts sagging.

Nobody likes such lines and wrinkles to spoil their appearance. Micro needling provides the solution for this problem. It helps in tightening the skin on the hands and gives it a smooth texture.

How is micro needling carried out on the hands?

The micro needling procedure involves the usage of a dermaroller or dermapen which contains sterile, ultra-fine needle tips. These needles are vertically injected into the skin to create microscopically small punctures in the dermis layer of the skin. The advanced technology used in such instruments helps in reducing suction and excessive damage to the skin.

Microneedling is similar to laser resurfacing but is a mechanical version of it. This distinction is very important because it eliminates the risk factor which is a big part of laser therapy. Instead of injecting chemical substances into the skin to repair it, needles are inserted to stimulate the natural healing capacity of the body. Once the skin on the hands is punctured with the micro needles, growth factors and fibroblasts are triggered to synthesize new skin matrix. The main constituent of the skin matrix is collagen. With time, the new collagen makes the skin of the hands firm and elastic.

How long does the procedure last?

The microneedling treatment for the hands takes 4 to 6 sessions of 30 minutes duration. Ideally there should be a gap of a month or so between every session so to get optimum results. The needling process gives signals to the body to make new elastin and collagen and create a new layer of skin to replace the old one.

What makes micro needling different?

The effects of micro needling can reach the dermis without affecting the protective outer cover of epidermis. The superficial punctures caused by micro needling close up quickly so that the body does not lose water or succumb to infection. Thin and dry skin on the hands can get thickened up with the addition of new collagen. The results of micro needling are long term and without any side effects. It is more effective than chemical peels or dermabrasion because it harnesses the natural healing power of the body.

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