Microneedling Black Skin

Last updated on September 18th, 2019

Microneedling Black Skin

Micro needling is a non-ablative skin treatment which means that there is no removal of the epidermis in order to facilitate the development of a new layer of skin. It is safe for all skin types and tones. The micro needling procedure is meant for improving the texture and appearance of the skin.

Ablative treatments have many side effects on dark skin because the high levels of melanin are not compatible with ablative techniques like cutting, burning or abrading. They cause side effects like scarring, hypo or hyperpigmentation and infection. The damage caused by such methods can be long term.

How does micro needling help?

Micro needling involves pricking of the epidermis and dermis with the help of micro needles which lead to tiny punctures in the skin. There is no other damage done to the skin. The intentional injury inflicted on the surface of skin gets repaired in a day or two but it stimulates the healing process of the body and tricks it into producing new collagen. There is no involvement of heat or chemicals in this process which makes it very safe for dark skin tones.

The skin layers remain intact but the growth of new skin cells is stimulated along with increase in blood circulation. The results are the same for all skin tones, be it light or dark. There are no unwanted side effects. The skin tissue gets rebuilt because of which the thickness of the skin as well as its smoothness increases. All the spots, scars, pigmentations, wrinkles and fine lines disappear naturally. The following dermatological conditions which are common with dark-skinned people, get effectively repaired through micro needling:

  • Periorbital Melanosis
  • Acne vulgaris
  • Melasma
  • Varicella Scarring
  • Primary Hyperhidrosis
  • Actinic Keratosis

Procedure of micro needling

Micro needling works on the principles of neocollagenesis and neovascularisation. The penetration of the stratum corneum by the needles triggers the release of growth factors which help in treating scars and photoaging. After 4 to 6 sessions the skin becomes completely rejuvenated and firm. The micro channels created through this process increase the absorption capacity of the skin.

The serums and supplements which are sometimes combined with the micro needling process or applied after the completion of the process, quickly permeate the layers of the skin to reach deep down and provide the maximum benefit.

This method has the lowest recovery time and causes minimal pain which is why it is the best skin treatment for black skin.

Microneedling Treatments

The Dermapen Microneedling Pen provides an unparalleled response through the segmented delivery of microneedles, creating micro injuries to the epidermis (outer layer of skin) and dermis (the inner layer of skin). As a result, the micro injuries encourage the body’s innate ability to repair itself.

Every Dermapen tip is outfitted with 12 needles and features our patented technologies, which include SureSpace™ and SafLok™. Accordingly, these safety enhancements can be found in every Dermapen needle tip and pen.

Furthermore, by using SureSpace™ and SafLok™ microneedling pen technologies, practitioners can deliver their patients the safest microneedling treatment possible, while getting the best microneedling results for their patients.

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