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Dermapen Needles – Now Come With SafetyGuardian™ Technology2019-02-19T05:50:12+00:00

Dermapen Needles

Dermapen needles are the first microneedling tip to come equipped with patented SafetyGuardian™ technologies which include SureSpace™, SafLok™, Zerobak™ and Pressure+™ these safety enhancements are now in every Dermapen needle tip.

With Dermapen needles utilizing SafetyGuardian™ patented technologies practitioners can now deliver to their patients the safest microneedling treatment possible and at the same time get the best microneedling results for their patients.

spacing-of-the-tipsSureSpace™ patented technology is the algorithmically calculated, equidistant spacing and positioning of the individual micro-needles from one another. The redesigned tip now comes with a total of 12 micro-needles, nine around the perimeter of the tip and the remaining three in the center. Precisely aligning the micro-needles drastically diminishes any discomfort that may be associated with microneedling. The new tip also features a scalloped edge, which minimizes surface tension and thus shortening the amount of time needed to perform the needling session. The scalloped grooves on the needle tip face reduce suction within the tip housing decreasing epidermal damage even further. In addition to these new advancements, the updated tips incorporate two opposing vents that highly restrict the possibility of backflow of bodily fluids into the body of the handpiece, eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination.

SafLok™ patented technology renders the tip so it can’t be used again. Thus improving overall patient safety.

Zerobak™ patented technology was developed to stop the flow of fluids, blood, serum and plasma into the micro needling pen itself.  Zerobak™ stops any back flow into the micro needling pen no matter what angel or position the Dermapen is used in during or after a micro needling treatment.

Pressure+™ patented technology was developed to release the pressure between the skin and Dermapen tip. By relieving this pressure it allows the Dermapen to glide across the skin with out sucking or dragging on the patient skin.

Dermapen needles SafetyGuardian™ patented technology was designed to assist in delivering a safer more predictable micro needling treatment for practitioner, and producing better results and treatment recovery for patients.

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Dermapen needles
Dermapen needles
Dermapen needles
Dermapen needles
dermapen needles