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Micro Needling Kit – Includes Dermapen, Dermapen Needles


Micro Needling Kit


People are always on the lookout for the perfect microneedling kit so that they can perform micro needling procedures. This is a great thing because it is never really about the Dermapen but everything else that will ensure the procedure is smooth both during and even after. At Dermapen, we are the best and the leading providers of the perfect micro needling kits and our prices will just blow you away.

Basically, a micro needling kit has quite a number of other things and not just the Dermapen. Other than the Dermapen, there are also the Dermapen needles, a micro needling cooling mask, micro needing serum, and numb master.

Dermapen: This is basically the device itself. It the one that looks like a pencil and has a place to turn it on so that the motor located in it can push the needles back and forth during the procedure to create very tiny punctures on the skin.

Dermapen needles: These are very small needles and they are several of them. The needles are disposed of after every use to avoid any contaminations, preventing infections. Every Dermapen has a total of twelve needles that get the job done.

Numb Master: This is a skin product that is applied before the procedure is done so that the skin area to undergo micro needling can be numb and therefore no pain will be felt during the procedure. The numbing effects only last for a short period of time.

Dermapen serum: This is a kind of serum that will help in boosting the production of collagen which is exactly what micro needling targets in a bid to make the skin become rejuvenated. It can be applied before, during and after the micro-needling procedure.

Inderma cooling mask: The micro needling cooling mask is applied to the skin after the micro needling procedure. It serves to cool the skin and consequently prevent inflammation of the skin. Our cooling mask will help in improving the recovery process after the micro-needling procedure.

Any time that you head out to purchase a micro needling kit, ensure that all the above-mentioned products are available for you to have a successful and effective micro-needling procedure. At the Dermapen world will offer the best and complete micro-needling kit for you.

micro needling kit
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