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Dermapen 3 is a Counterfeit Adulterated Device – Not FDA Approved

Dermapen 3 Counterfeit Adulterated Devices

If you purchased a Dermapen 3 in the United States, Canada, dermapen 3Mexico, or Brazil, you have purchased a counterfeit adulterated device. Please email info@Dermapen.com; be sure to include purchase information. After that, we will begin the process of replacing your counterfeit device with an approved device.

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Complaints Made

Dermapen 3 is not FDA or Dermapen approved. Below is the complaint levied against the Dermapen 3:

“On March 3, 2017, Derma Pen IP Holdings, LLC (“DPIPH”), the exclusive holder of the DERMAPEN(R) trademark in the United States, learned that various parties were exhibiting and selling unauthorized DERMAPEN(R) products at the American Academy of Dermatology (“AAD”) show in Orlando. DPIPH delivered a demand to AAD prohibiting the marketing of such counterfeit DERMAPEN(R) goods at the AAD show in Orlando.

Accordingly, after reviewing the applicable documentation, counsel for AAD directed the entities known at different times as Equipmed, 4Everyoung, DermapenWorld, Dermapen USA, and Biosoft (all operated and managed by the same entity), as well as all others acting in concert with these individuals, to immediately cease marketing efforts associated with any and all products bearing the DERMAPEN(R) mark. As a result, AAD staff heavily redacted the booth operated by Equipmed, et al. AAD staff also forced Equipmed, et al to cease selling such goods.

DPIPH remains the only party with the legal right to market DERMAPEN(R) goods in the United States. DPIPH does not currently market DERMAPEN(R) goods in the United States. All goods that purport to be DERMAPEN(R) branded, including without limitation the “DERMAPEN 3”, “DERMAPEN MD”, “DERMAPEN CRYO”, or “MYDERMAPEN” are not genuine DERMAPEN(R) products. Furthermore, demand is made hereby that all traffickers in possession of unauthorized goods immediately cease and desist all such activities and destroy all such goods.

If you encounter these unauthorized goods for sale in the United States, please notify DPIPH at legal@dermapen.com .

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