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Micro needling pores effectiveness and efficiency – Dermapen

Micro needling pores

Micro needling pores

We have found micro needling pores to yield consistently gratifying results, especially when combined with individual deep peeling or deeper needling of any larger, more patulous pores. The procedure is quick and simple. First, larger, more pit-scar-like pores are treated by either inserting a superfine 33 gauge needle down the shaft and irritating the lining walls down to the pores depth. Pore walls treated in this fashion will eventually close up, just as pierced ears close when the hole becomes irritated and inflamed.

Finally, following topical anesthesia, Micro needling pores is treated with an electrically driven set of sterilized microneedles (Dermapen) is used over the entire area to blend the skin entirely and to ensure a more even complexion. Results of this combined approach have been quite gratifying. Find a Dermapen practitioner near you.

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The treatment is similar to laser treatments, but without the severe side effects or the long recovery time. There are some studies that

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