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Micro Needling Before And After – Before and After Contest Winner

micro needling before and after

Microneedling, Before And After

Dr. Groves’ photos show a surgical scar on her patient’s shoulder that developed after having a mole removed years prior. The results were achieved after only one Dermapen treatment. Leslie Arnett, Dr. Groves’ patient, reported that her scar was visibly diminished within the first week after treatment. She is delighted with the results and recommends treatment to anyone interested in reducing the appearance of scars. Dermapen’s microneedling before and after contest winner is the Center for Anti-Aging in Lexington, KY, where she and her patient, Leslie Arnett, walked away with $1,000 for the image. We would like to thank Dr. Groves and her patient, Leslie Arnett, for providing the photos for the contest, as well as the numerous Dermapen practitioners who also submitted such outstanding microneedling before-and-after images.