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Dermapen vs. Cosmetic Lasers


What does Dermapen do? How does it differ from other skin treatment options like energy-based therapies? Dermapen introduces a new infographic that goes head-to-head with the traditional light therapy treatment and comes out on top for many reasons.

The new Dermapen vs. Cosmetic Laser Treatments infographic will examine the differences between fractional dermabrasion of the Dermapen compared to fractional lasers, the benefits of micro-needling as opposed to the complications of light based therapy and the divergence between the two modalities as it relates to recovery time.

The Dermapen skin therapy treatment offers superior results to cosmetic laser treatments, with little to no downtime and minimal side effects. Dermapen, the World’s premier micro-needling choice of medical professionals and patients.

Click HERE to view the entire Dermapen vs. Cosmetic Laser Treatment infogrpahic.