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A Word from Donna Lynn, Preferred Dermapen Practitioner


“Trust me, I am an aesthetician “

Unfortunately, this is not always a reality, as a client must feel a trust from a practitioner before he or she will allow a process involving needles on the face. I find that many estheticians want to get involved in these high end procedures but the education is lacking.


If you cannot talk the talk then do not walk the walk, as being ill prepared then reflects on those practitioners who do it the right way. The practitioner must know what the client will feel, be patient and slow with every step and be available after the session is complete for any possible issues that may arise. The dryness associated with after the Dermapen must be understood by the skin professional. This all follows suit with product advisement. If a client understands why she is using a particular product, she will more likely stick with the given regimen.

With this being said I mix up a cocktail from the sea, vitamins C and F, brightening serum, hyaluronic acid, and a specialized vial that is specific to the condition that is being needled. I then use a cooling peptide mask that stays on for 30 minutes.

Kind Regards,

Donna L. Neidecker, Medical Aesthetician, BS
Beauty By Donna Lynn / Lynbrook, NY 11563