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James Green, MD Discusses Microneedling vs. Other Treatments


I’ve had two lasers and I don’t have any now. That was a decision based on outcomes. Lasers, microdermabrasion and chemical peels came on to the marketplace in recent years with a huge marketing push, aggressively launching them to their current popularity. After using them for a few years, I am convinced that there are better procedures with fewer side effects. Microneedling is what I’m doing right now, and I’ve been following that research for some time.

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The problem with ablative lasers is they cause too much pigment change. The face at first turns very red and then it eventually turns a weird, pale white. I think it looks terrible. When you denature the collagen, the new collagen growth is white. The effect lasts indefinitely. Start looking around you can notice it, it’s a strange looking thing. Even under makeup it’s still noticeable. We can achieve better results with chemicals or other kinds of treatments.

I also stopped doing "Deep" chemical peels, because like lasers, there is too much pigment change. I do medium depth chemical peels. They give an effect that is significantly noticeable, without pigment change of the deeper treatments or laser resurfacing.

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