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Win Big with Dermapen: Before & After Photo Contest

Our newest contest has begun and will run through the end of 2013!  

Submit your best Dermapen Before & After pictures as SOON you have them. We will select as many winners as our panel feels are the “best of the best.”

In addition to the $1,000 Visa Gift Card to the winning practitioner, we’ll also highlight your business and feature your winning photos for everyone to see.

When submitting your Before and After Photos, please include the following:

  • Treatment for: “x” (Skin Rejuvenation, Stretch Marks, Acne Scarring, Keloid… Specify as many as apply.)
  • Number of Passes, Speed Setting and Depth:
  • Date of Before Photo:
  • Treatment #: “x of x”
  • Date of Treatment  # “x of x”
  • Date(s) of After Photo(s):

If you have Dermapen Testimonials, well, we have a contest for that, too!

Please email all Contest submissions to Contest@Dermapen.com. Be sure to provide complete contact information. We’ll need signed Consent Forms, too.

Questions? Call (800) 981-5402 x106.

Good Luck!

*Official Rules:
It is important that you maintain consistency with regards to the lighting and position of the patient’s poses in both the before and after photos. The slightest change in the model’s pose or lighting from the before photo to the after photo affects the credibility of the results. If it’s determined that there are noticeable inconsistencies in the photos submitted due to lighting or the angle of the patient, these photos will be removed from the contest. All entries will be reviewed and qualifying entries will be compiled by Derma Pen, LLC and judged upon a number of criteria by a committee of unbiased persons. Individuals submitting photos are doing so without consideration and/or payment. All entrants must send a signed permission and consent form from the model being displayed in the before & after entries and allowing permission for Derma Pen, LLC to publish, distribute and exhibit the before and after images at their discretion.

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