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Dermapen Support

Thank you for contacting Dermapen for product support and assistance. Our business hours are from 9:00am to 5:00pm Mountain time, Monday through Friday (except holidays). Our telephone number is (800) 981-5402. Our fax number is (866) 577-5830. For your convenience, here is Dermapen’s Department Directory and even more ways to contact us:

Extension Department Name Department URL or Email
0 System Operator [email protected]
1 New Sales http://dermapen.com/contact-us/
2 Re-Order Department Shop Online Now
3 Education, Training & Certification [email protected]
4 Shipping Fulfillment [email protected]
N/A Find a Dermapen Practitioner / Patient Referrals dermapen.fcgp.io/find-a-provider/
N/A Marketing & PR dermapen.fcgp.io/marketing-material/
N/A Human Resources [email protected]
N/A Accounting [email protected]