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Skinpen Micro Needling vs Dermapen Micro Needling Pen 2017-05-03T12:24:02+00:00
dermapen microneedling pen

Skinpen Micro Needling

Skinpen micro needling vs with Dermapen micro needling

The Dermapen was recently awarded the Best Anti Aging device at The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas 2012. Due to this accolade many practitioners are asking where exactly the Dermapen fits into their practice.

The Dermapen holds a unique place in today’s aesthetic practice because it can be used alone as well as in combination with most any other treatment currently used in your practice. Dermapen is used in combination with many modalities as or in conjunction with light chemical peels, hydrating masks, ultrasonic facials, galvanic treatments, phototherapy, platelet rich plasma (prp) just to name a few.

If a practitioner is choosing to use the Dermapen in conjunction with Laser therapy there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. The Dermapen will create redness as it draws blood due to the hundreds of micro injuries on the skin which, would diffuse a targeted laser treatment. The recommendation would be to use the Dermapen as an important aspect of a true facial Anti Aging protocol where lasers are used but in a regimen. The Dermapen treatment is going to be vital in that it will kick-start the skins healing and corrective properties which will be additionally benefited by the laser treatment.

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