Micro-Needling Skin Review by Kim Stroumbos


Kim Stroumbos, L.E. is a licensed esthetician who owns her own spa: Souli Skinspa, doing paramedical aesthetics as well as what she calls “foo-foo feel good facials,” so she’s regularly handling anti-aging, acne scars, wrinkles, and the like. Kim does photorejuvenation, microcurrent facelifts, and more as well as Dermapen. She often refers to “we” when discussing what she does because she regularly commiserates with others in her profession; she is the only one doing treatments in her practice.

Charging between $250 and $300 per session (depending on areas treated) Kim uses Dermapen for acne scars and deep lip lines as well as for facials (with and without separate traditional microdermabrasion). What impresses her most is that Dermapen is a simple device that provides not only a less risky alternative to laser treatments, but seems to be the only alternative to laser for certain conditions such as keloid scars (which she has not yet treated), acne scars, and deep lip lines. While she hasn’t had Dermapen long enough to have gone through a full course of treatment with any patient (so no B&As yet), she’s at the halfway point with several and the results are very promising, in her opinion. Patients seem happy so far. By her account, patients may initially be reluctant to buy a package of treatments with Dermapen (one way to obtain a discount) but may spring after a successful session or two. She markets on her website as well as via facebook and a newsletter.

Just as with many others in her place (so she says, anyway), Kim uses Dermapen in the normal fashion—maybe three passes using the hyaluronic acid based moisturizing slippage serum over the entire face—but if the situation calls for it, she’ll choose from among different serum instead of the HA. Two in particular are mentioned, one for anti-wrinkle and one for hyperpigmentation. Rarely but occasionally Kim will use the HA with another on the same area, where she reapplies between passes. Most often her choice depends on the needs in the area. In any case she finishes with the green phyto serum. She suspects that because of Dermapen’s safety, many people experiment with that sort of thing. [My personal recommendation—be sure to educate people about what shouldn’t be used like that, compounds not meant to penetrate in that way can cause serious problems as any doctor might tell you.]

Kim also does a combination facial with Dermapen after traditional microdermabrasion (same day). After a thorough wash, microdermabrasion is performed to thoroughly exfoliate, followed by numbing agent, then Dermapen. She says this enhances onset speed of numbing agent and improves serum penetration even more.


I’m the medical director of my own skincare studio, a spa named Souli Skinspa in Denver and the website is www.souliskinspa.com. I do paramedical aesthetics which means I do more than your foo-foo feel good facial. I’m able to do photorejuvenation, microcurrent facelifts, Dermapen, things like that. It’s aesthetics, anti-aging, and medical things like acne scars.

What caught my attention about Dermapen was how it’s good for acne scars and those lines around the mouth on the upper lip, those two are really tough to treat. The third indication is anti-aging in general, overall facial treatment for firming, but the ability to treat the lip lines and deep acne scars really struck me because there really isn’t much out there to treat those except lasers, and a lot of people really don’t want to go under the laser, or can’t afford it. Scars, keloids—up to now I haven’t seen anything that can address keloids either, but I haven’t done anything with keloids yet. I have done a lot with acne scars, deep lip lines, I’ve only had the Dermapen about three months. I’m doing one treatment a month so for my clients I’m only on their third treatment, but I can already see changes.

I have done Dermapen with microdermabrasion, both same day. For that we do a thorough wash, then the microdermabrasion to exfoliate, then numb them and do the Dermapen. The numbing agent penetrates quicker having done microdermabrasion first. Whenever you exfoliate first you’ll enhance the numbing and the Dermapen. We put different serums on with the Dermapen but having the microdermabrasion first enhances serum penetration even more.

For that or normal treatment we choose what to use based on the patient’s needs. We almost always choose the hyaluronic moisturizing serum but we also use anti-wrinkle serum or serum for hyperpigmentation. So the practitioner can choose what’s best. Almost all the aestheticians I’ve talked to use the hyaluronic serum most often, the one that’s normally recommended, and we all almost always finish with the green phyto serum. But you can use anything you want. We can sometimes do different serums together on the same facial region, starting, say, with the hyaluronic acid and then after it’s dried using anti-wrinkle serum for the next passes (usually totaling three or so), because by the time you’re done with one pass you need to apply more serum anyway. We really don’t do that often. What we often do is use different serum on different facial regions such as hyaluronic acid on the forehead, then hyperpigmentation fighting serum on the cheek if they have a problem there. So there’s three or four serums we might use. So we do different areas separately, so we’d do the forehead, then each cheek, then lip and chin, then neck, then chest, and use whatever serum is best there. The chest is a place where you see a lot of hyperpigmentation on the chest. We almost always finish with the green phyto serum which helps calm and soothe, but I suspect a lot of people do different things because safety isn’t a worry.

One thing I’ve discovered is doing stamping passes with Dermapen to go more aggressive for particularly troublesome areas. If a particular area of lip lines or scarring that’s deep, I’ll use the stamping technique.

What I love about Dermapen is that up to now there hasn’t been anything good other than laser for acne scarring or deep lip lines and for one reason or another people can’t or won’t do laser. Lots of people don’t want the downtime and there is risk of hyperpigmentation with laser because of the heat. I’m thrilled about that—no hyperpigmentation and there’s hardly any downtime. You might look like you have mild sunburn for 12 to 24 hours. It’s affordable, and people are seeing results so quickly.

As for non-treatment I haven’t had much experience yet but Richard was great to talk to, very accessible. They have a lot of good stuff online. Also, my first Dermapen didn’t work properly, and I called them and they sent another one promptly. They were very helpful. I had a few issues but I brought them to Richard’s attention.

In my office it’s just me, I just talk to a lot of other people in my line of work. I’m marketing Dermapen by facebook, by my website, and my newsletter. Pricing is $250 for face, $275 for face & neck, $300 for face, neck and chest. Patients get discounts for packaging a course of treatments, for making that commitment. So far people have been reluctant to bite. What they do is try one or two sessions and then after they decide they like it, they spring for a package. The people who have gone with Dermapen have been quite happy so far, but again we haven’t done the full course yet for anybody.

Sure I’d be happy to do before & after pics but we have a ways to go before I’d have anything to show.


Souli Skinspa Esthetician Enjoys Dermapen as Laser Alternative

GLENDALE, COLORDO—Kim Stroumbos, L.E. now offers affordable Dermapen treatments to patients in the Denver area as an alternative to lasers for acne scars and wrinkles, or as a facial refresher that’s peerless in power and safety. Even early in the offering patients are excited about the results they are beginning to see, as well as the almost non-existent downtime.

“A lot people don’t want to undergo laser treatment for facial rejuvenation, acne scars, or wrinkles because of the risks involved, such as hyperpigmentation,” Stroumbos explained. “Some can’t afford laser treatment or the downtime involved.” She added that for acne scars, deeper upper lip lines, and other conditions there is simply no true viable alternative to lasers, except Dermapen.

Minimally-invasive Dermapen creates thousands of tiny holes in the skin to stimulate the natural rebuilding of healthier, younger looking skin by the body. These holes help moisturizing serums and other medicines penetrate more effectively as well. With numbing cream the procedure is virtually free of discomfort. The tiny holes heal rapidly so risk of infection is as low as the downtime. For a more powerful facial Dermapen can be combined with microdermabrasion. Although the full result typically takes several weeks to develop, patients may notice a difference within a few sessions.

The spa offers package pricing as well as individual session pricing for those who want to experience Dermapen for themselves.

Kim Stroumbos, L.E. is medical director of her studio, Souli Skinspa, located at 4340 Kentucky Ave., Ste. 426, Glendale, CO 80246.


The above Dermapen treatment skin micro needling protocols are suggested by Kim Stroumbos. Dermapen LLC cannot suggest treatments in the United States other than the Indications for Use regulated by the FDA for 21 CFR 878.4820. We reprint white papers as requested by our practitioners.