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Micro needling pores effectiveness and efficiency – Dermapen

Micro needling pores We have found micro needling pores to yield consistently gratifying results, especially when combined with individual deep peeling or deeper needling of any larger, more patulous pores. The procedure is quick and simple. First, larger, more pit-scar-like pores are treated by either inserting a superfine 33 gauge needle down [...]

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Dermapen Procedure

The Dermapen procdeure has lots of advantages for skin professionals and their patients. Dermapen Procedure The Dermapen procedure is microneedling and delivers an unparalleled healing response via fractional delivery of micro-needles [...]

Micropen Micro Needling vs Dermapen Micro Needling – Lead with Dermapen

Why should you use Dermapen micro needling for treatment? It uses the sterilized and surgical grade disposable needle tips. Dermapen has 12 microscopic needles that oscillate faster while creating the tiny wounds in the skin’s surface. Faster oscillation will allow the Dermapen to move easily across the skin without causing any dermal tearing, giving [...]

Microneedling Machine | Lead with Dermapen

To make most out of microneedling choose the right microneedling machine! Microneedling also known as skin needling is a skin rejuvenation treatment done using microneedling machine having very thin needles. The professionals will use the microneedling machine to treat the following: Fine lines and wrinkles Acne scars Surgical scars Burn scars Dilated pores Under [...]