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The Latest Innovation in Collagen Induction Therapy: Dermapen Skin Needling Rejuvenation

Article by Amanda Beisel,  R.Ac for the March 2013 edition of Fresh Magazine, Vancouver’s leading publication for lifestyle and beauty. …The Dermapen has become the new industry standard for Skin Needling providing excellent results. This revolutionary device is simple yet powerful with many distinct advantages over dermal rollers taking skin needling treatment to new heights. [...]

New Dermapen Headquarters Location

As Dermapen adds new partnerships, products and employees we find ourselves in need of a larger space to operate from. Announcing Dermapen's new location in the Greater Salt Lake Area: 3216 South Highland Drive Suite 200 Salt Lake City, UT 84106 (800) 981-5402 dermapen.fcgp.io info@dermapen.fcgp.io As always, contact us any time with new orders, reorders [...]

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Microneedling to Alleviate Acne Scarring

According to Dr. Gabriella Fabbrocini of the University of Naples Federico II, there are no general guidelines and multiple treatment options for acne scars. Many treatments result in 25 to 50% moderate improvement of acne scars. Some therapies have proven to be quite effective (50 to 80%), such as motorized surgical dermabrasion resurfacing, however, they [...]

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Will the application of a cooling mask inhibit the necessary healing response & make the Dermapen session less effective?

A cooling mask will inhibit some inflammation. But not enough to make the needling session less effective. I see this as a way of modulating the "inflammation axis". Dermapen is less inflammatory than intense pulsed light or lasers. Choosing a modality modulates the 'inflammatory axis". Adding a chemical peel will add inflammation to a Dermapen [...]

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