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A single Dermapen treatment has been shown to improve skin and new collegan production for up to 12 months after just one treatment. Learn more about different types of Dermapen treatment. Read related Dermapen treatment post and articles from around the world.

Medical Micro Needling Treatments

Medical Micro Needling Treatments Wrinkles and Fine lines Stretch Marks Acne scars and scarring Keloid Scars Hair Regeneration Burns Surgery Scars Medical Micro Needling Benefits Firms, Strengthens, Lifts and Rejuvenates the skin Skin tone and texture has more youthful appearance high levels of production of collagen and elastin Microneedling, also referred to as [...]

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Micro Needling Stretch Marks Dermapen Treatment

Micro Needling Stretch Marks Micro needling stretch marks with Dermapen have shown amazing results. Stretch marks result from shear forces on tightened skin. Stretch marks may result from pregnancy or other changes in the girth of limbs or the abdomen. Stretch marks are a form of a scar, which re-approximates the stretched [...]