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Dermapen’s March Coupon Special

Looking to save a little cash this month? Supplies for your clinic can be pricey and Dermapen wants to help! During the month of March, Dermapen is offering a 10% off coupon for your entire online shopping cart purchase! Online shopping for your Dermapen supplies is the easiest, fastest, most convenient and now the most [...]

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Dermapen South Africa Microneedling

Dermapen South Africa Dermapen South Africa has become the leading micro needling treatment in the country. Micro needling treatment is widely accepted as the best and most efficient way to handle all the problem area skin conditions that patients face. For treatment and options concerning Micro needling treatment please use the [...]

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Micro needling pores effectiveness and efficiency – Dermapen

Micro needling pores We have found micro needling pores to yield consistently gratifying results, especially when combined with individual deep peeling or deeper needling of any larger, more patulous pores. The procedure is quick and simple. First, larger, more pit-scar-like pores are treated by either inserting a superfine 33 gauge needle down [...]

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