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Celebrate Doctors’ Day with Dermapen!

In recognition of National Doctors' Day on Saturday, March 30th, Dermapen is pleased to extend a 15% Discount off the purchase of all consumables, unlimited quantity. Stock up NOW on Replacement Tips, Topicals and Extra Brochures! Try our New Products at this great 1-time Holiday rate. Hurry! All orders must be received on/by Midnight Mountain Time on [...]

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Who is a good candidate for micro needling ?

Who is a good candidate for micro needling? Micro needling is defined as the use of small solid or hollow needles to cause punctures in the skin for therapeutic purposes. It’s a simple, safe, effective and easy to perform procedure with a growing list of applications. Mainly, micro needling devices cause patterns of tiny wounds [...]

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Micro Needling Insurance | Dermapen

Derma Pen, LLC has partnered with Professional Program Insurance Brokerage (PPIB) to provide a solution for Dermapen Micro Needling Practitioners looking to insure their practice specifically for Micro Needling. Professional Program Insurance Brokerage has been providing insurance coverage for specialty businesses for 20 years. PPIB has worked continuously with industry leaders and associations to develop [...]

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Dermapen Medical Device Financing

Dermapen Medical Device Financing Derma Pen, LLC has partnered with ILS of San Diego California, a premier equipment lease company. This relationship will assist Dermapen’s current and potential practitioners in the financing of their Dermapen products and training. To apply for financing, please click here: […]

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Dermapen | What is the Derma Roller?

What is dermal rolling? Dermal rollers are perhaps the simplest micro needling devices and are the first to be advanced for medical micro-needle therapy as it is known today. Basically, a rolling drum fastened with micro needles and is fastened to a handle; the drum can be easily rolled across the skin to create a [...]

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Dr. Mike Johnson – Dermapen Medical Director

Derma Pen, LLC announced today that Dr. Mike Johnson has joined the company as Medical Director for its Dermapen products. Mike Johnson M.D. trained as a neurologist at the University of Minnesota. After postdoctoral training, he pursued neuroscience research in Parkinson’s disease and basic motor physiology. Concurrently with his academic research activities, Dr. Johnson developed [...]

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Dermapen Logo and Marketing Materials can be found in our Dermapen Practitioner Portal , Dermapen has a marketing team standing by to help with any request

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Does Skin Needling Really Work ?

Does Skin Needling really work – a large body of literature has explored the effect of skin needling, micro needling, or collagen induction therapy for a variety of skin pathophysiology. Skin needling has been found to be effective in remodeling scaring from burns, trauma, or acne. It has been successfully used for scarring due to [...]

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